Virtual server PHP in Europe

DCXV offers the rental of high quality virtual server PHP in Europe

Today our company offers you to order powerful virtual server PHP for rent, as well as the level and quality of service that can meet the wishes of the most demanding customers. We understand perfectly that any business has its own peculiarities, that's why we try to offer each client exactly the set of services that will be more suitable for user needs. Focusing on the preferences of our customers, we have formed "package" solutions for renting virtual server PHP that meet all technical requirements and allow the customer to choose exactly the set of services that he needs at this stage of work.

Depending on your request, certain versions of the OS or software (for example, a specific version of PHP or Java) can be installed on virtual server PHP. On the virtual server, the Customer has the ability to install any legitimate software and bind an unlimited number of their domains or sites, databases and mailboxes. The main thing is that the package's performance is sufficient to ensure the stable operation of so many sites or mailboxes.

Features of virtual server PHP rental


VPS hosting is the ideal solution to provide a powerful virtual server with an independent operating system and administration rights for a very reasonable amount.


Virtual server PHP are easy to maintain. With the configuration and management are easy to cope not only with experienced users, but also beginners. If necessary, our technical support will help you become acquainted with the principles of the server work.

Wide opportunities

The virtual server PHP will provide complete root-access to install and configure any modern software. We will select for you a VPS server with such virtualization, which will be optimal for achieving the necessary functionality and performance.

Virtual server PHP is the best solution for most projects, both financially and technically. This service is especially in demand among the organizers of temporary projects: TV programming sites, corporate promotions, election campaigns for which the virtual server lease is limited by the period of the company's relevance. This is possible due to the fact that virtual servers are paid monthly and can be terminated at the same time as the end of the campaign.