Virtual server on Ubuntu in Europe

DCXV offers to lease virtual server on Ubuntu in Europe

For virtualization are used virtualization technologies OpenVZ / LXC and the full virtualization technology KVM. OpenVZ / LXC containers are the most flexible and most common technology for organizing virtual server on Ubuntu. Change of the basic parameters of the container occurs "on the fly" and without stopping the services inside the container. Slight loss of productivity is only about 3-5% of the power of a similar physical server. The main disadvantage of this technology is the support of only Linux-distributions inside the virtual server.

For more demanding projects on virtual server on Ubuntu that require guaranteed computing resources, we offer virtual servers based on full virtualization technology - KVM, which allows us to use the virtual server as a completely independent hardware solution.

Unlike containers, KVM virtualization makes it possible to use any unmodified system. For virtual KVM servers, you can provide access to the console using the VNC protocol. You will be able to manage the virtual server on Ubuntu even if it is unavailable on the network or in case of an independent reinstallation of the operating system.

DCXV is offering more than 10-years experience

For fast start and more comfortable work of our clients (on request), the necessary set of software will already be preinstalled on the virtual server: ftp-server, web-server, mail server.

The cost of the virtual server on Ubuntu service includes free of charge following advantages:

• Installation, configuration of the OS server and problem solving at the request of the client

• Provision of KVM on request

• Provision of IP-address and corresponding PTR records in CSN

• Providing DNS servers for your domains with access to the automatic control panel

• Provision of Web monitoring VLAN and switch port, as well as server resources with the consent of the client

If you looking for virtual server on Ubuntu lease in Europe, then DCXV can help you with this.