Virtual server hosting in Europe

How to choose virtual server hosting in Europe for your Internet project?

A virtual server hosting is usually needed for a site that uses non-standard solutions, or stably loads the server (with shared hosting). Typically, this is a server that has a number of accounts, but unlike a dedicated server, it is strictly limited in disk space and in processor time. This is an intermediate option between the dedicated server and virtual hosting. You can manage the server by yourself, installing any software, except for the OS.

To whom is this interesting? It follows from the definition that the virtual server hosting is designed for:

Small business. To provide additional security or when using non-standard technologies.

Medium business. An average company that has an average number of products and customers for which the site simplifies the work

Small-scale e-commerce (E-Commerce). You open a business on the Internet.

To start an average level of an online store or software support, available for download from the site

Medium projects that require non-standard solutions.

Large projects. You have a very visited resource or it takes up a lot of space.

What and where to choose virtual server hosting provider?

Choosing a hosting provider is also important. It is worth noting that in this segment there is also a large number of offers, however, there are far fewer of them than in the segment of shared hosting. Just going through the client sites will not be enough, because you will have your own virtual server hosting. However, still it is worth doing this and see the speed of loading pages.

You can also add that there are hosting providers that provide a test month of virtual server hosting. In this case, it is highly recommended to use this service: evaluate server, speed and quality of technical support. Well, do not forget about simple things: look at the look of the site hosting provider. Is it made of quality, from your point of view. Look at the availability of services, payment systems for hosting. Finally, use the filter and see customer feedback. You can also look into the offers from hosting companies.

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