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Modern business almost everywhere implies the existence of a website on the Internet and thereby the purchase of hosting services. But for most corporate users, the most important thing is to buy a virtual server for website or VDS / VPS. But even the choice of VDS can be difficult, so there are many types. And to choose the best option, you need to prosecute all the pros and cons, ranging from ease of use and ending with the cost of the server.

In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. First of all you need to know the following parameters of your site to get optimal virtual server for website:

How much free disk space does your site require. Simply put, how much does it weigh in megabytes (MB). Having learned this, you can weed out tariff plans offering less disk space. When calculating the size of your site, do not forget about the size of the database, if you have one. Also think about mailboxes. If you want to use mailboxes with your domain name, first separate 50MB for each prospective box.

Now you need to pay attention to the functionality of your site. What do you publish on your site. If you expect to publish video materials, large files at a jump, as well as a large collection of large photos, broadcast online video, then you do not like virtual hosting is not suitable. You must start from a virtual server. First, take the cheapest plan of the virtual server for website. At the same time, pay attention that you have sufficient disk space allocated by this tariff plan. And also, do not forget to make a reservation with the hosting company, about the possibility in the future to switch to a more convenient for you plan of the virtual server. If you have a regular information site, with texts and pictures, then you need to pay attention to the following parameter.

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