Virtual server buy in Europe

You decided virtual server buy? Get virtual sever in Europe from DCXV!

The task that faces the user who decides to virtual server buy is to determine the tariff. Although there are no clear rules and formulas in the choice of the VPS server tariff, we will try to make out a few situations on the example of our virtual dedicated servers.

First of all, it's worth noting an important fact: any project can be deployed and launched on virtually any virtual server (of course, within the fundamental requirements for server software). The question when choosing a tariff is not whether the project will work or not work on a particular server in principle, but how quickly and stably it will work. The virtual server buy capacity is used to process user requests, manipulate information in the database, and so on. Therefore, the more powerful the server, the more stable and faster the site or web service, located on it.

How to virtual server buy?

  • Select a plan. Choose the appropriate tariff plan and click "Order".

  • Easy registration. Fill out the registration form, enter your personal account and just place an order.

  • Sites are ready to work. Everything is ready to go. We will configure your VPS server for free.

Another advantage of a virtual server buy is to get all the same functionality as a dedicated server, but for a lower fee. At the same time, the administrator gets the opportunity to use an easy and simple control system, which even an unprepared Internet user can understand. Also, no additional funds will be required to attract specialists to support the server.

Especially popular in EU is VPS with ISPmanager. This control panel has a huge number of advantages, among which is an accessible and intuitive user interface, providing the presence of controls for all services of the operating system through the browser. When creating a new site, you just need to fill out the form, and all necessary edits in the configuration files of the web server, databases and DNS server control panel will do for you. Also ISPmanager reduces the cost of virtual server buy.

Find out more about how to virtual server buy as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.