Virtual remote server in Europe

Advantages of virtual remote server in Europe from DCXV (Xivicom)

We guarantee a safe and secure solution for the organization of convenient and simple work of your accounting department. Renting virtual remote server the company relieves itself of the need to buy and install expensive server equipment, as well as buy Microsoft licenses that can be rented.

In fact, you get a centralized, functional solution, provided by professional technical support around the clock. Rental a virtual remote server is a modern service, gaining popularity in the EU business market. With its help, it is possible to efficiently organize the work of company employees in a single information space, having a ready-to-operate functional server with a guaranteed backup system - 20 GB for each client for free.

All cofigurations for virtual remote server are tested and we garantee the hagh perfomance

Renting a virtual remote server is saving your money not only on buying, maintaining and administering the server

Access 24/7

Undeniable advantage 24-hour access from anywhere in the world, office, home, branch on a trip or business trip

Free up to 15 days backup

Each customer is provided with 20GB of free space for backup on a separate FTP server for the entire lease period

Working with a heavy load

All proposed configurations are tested, we know how to properly calculate the load on the server that meets the "price / quality"

Unlimited traffic

When renting virtual remote server, you get free, unlimited traffic for your project for the entire lease period

Free setup and installation

We offer more competitors: you can count on free server configuration and software installation

Advantage of SAS and SSD

To get high performance, use SAS disks, to maximize the impact of the disk subsystem, choose SSD

Find out more about the virtual remote server services as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.