Choose virtual private hosting

If your site has grown rapidly and requires more resources than shared hosting, we offer you to buy a virtual private hosting. Rent VPS / VDS server, this service, which involves the use by you one of the physical server leased through virtualization. With DCXV you can buy a server-based virtualization Open VZ and KVM. We offer a variety of rates of virtual private hosting. The use of such services will greatly increases your abilities.

We are confident in the high quality hosting sites, so you can try to use them during the test period of 7 days. After pressing "test"in a few minutes you will have access to the control panel and will be able to upload your site. Sure — you need to buy virtual private hosting and stay with us for a long time.

Why do we offer cheap web virtual private hosting? Our system is fully automated, we have developed special software reduces the cost of services and offer you to buy cheap web hosting. At the same time, we do not save on equipment. All servers we use have only professional equipment under brand such brands: HP, Intel, Dell. To speed up your sites, we only use SSD drives, it allows you to work your site is several times faster than in other hosting services in Lithuania and the world. Inexpensive virtual private hosting does not mean bad — DCXV can prove it.

Unique virtual private hosting virtualization technology used by us excludes overselling, cloud data distribution platform offers a very high stability and scalability of resources up to a few physical servers. Free passage between the tariffs will allow to pick the optimal configuration for your project.

User-friendly software developed by us is unique and is the largest by number of features for managing VDS, VPS from a single web-based interface. All you need to manage the server, solving financial issues, appeal to the technical support and management of the DNS is in a single user-friendly control panel.

You can find more about virtual private hosting solutions on DCXV site.