Virtual host in Europe

Get virtual host sirvices in Europe From DCXV (Xivicom) company

Virtual host- this is one of the most popular services of accommodation sites. The virtual in this case is that a physical server with a unique IP-address may be located many sites. At the same DNS-suffix indicates the server IP-address, and domain name server provides access to the declared resource. Between users there is resource sharing hardware and server software. In addition, the server is running a database management system, access to which is also part of a shared hosting service. The amount of disk space available sites and databases on the hosting depends on the tariff plan. Virtual host is an inexpensive service and good fit small sites with an average attendance.

Advantages of virtual host

Low cost and ease can be named as the advantages of virtual host. Why this service is cheaper stated above, only less free hosting, but that's another story. But on the simplicity can be described in detail. You do not need to have the administrative skills to use the service, everything is done by administrators. We install the necessary software, configured MySQL, etc. If a problem occurs with the equipment, they are engaged in the elimination of the company's employees, not you. It has long been designed functional and comfortable control panel that allow you to perform all necessary actions. Of course quite teapots will be hard and you must have at least a superficial idea of what is normal for php management, MySQL, Apache, Ngnix etc. But this is nothing compared to the self managed server.

Disadvantages of virtual host

Unfortunately, they also have a significant and quite. Due to the fact that all customers "together" is used all the resources of the server, one site can affect the work of others. For example creating a large number of complex queries on MySQL may begin to "slow down" all the other sites. When DDOS attack on one site, all suffer as "residents" server. In general, I think it is clear here, you can easily suffer from a neighbor's actions. There are also limits on the use of resources is to ensure that there were no cases described above. If you exceed these limits and the administrator noticed that your site can simply blocked and you would not interfere to other clients on the virtual host.