Virtual Dedicated Server in Europe

The rental of Virtual Dedicated Server in Europe from DCXV (Xivicom) Company

Virtual Dedicated Server hosting from the company DCXV (Xivicom) (virtual dedicated server for demanding websites) is an excellent alternative to a dedicated server, allowing for a reasonable price to get a powerful foundation that will please you with additional features.

Especially actual rental of VDS in the event that your project has ceased to be located on the scale of normal hosting, and the use of a dedicated server is inexpedient from a financial point of view. In this case, it will be more actual to buy Virtual Dedicated Server hosting.

For Virtual Dedicated Server hosting DCXV offers:

Configuring the Software

Installation of any software and operating system configurations. Rent licenses Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL and others. Sale of licenses on the control panel of ISP Manager and Plesk.

Free site migration

We help with the move to our infrastructure. Carefully transfer the sites of the customer, check working capacity and accompany during the transfer.

The Virtual Dedicated Server administration

We have several levels of customer service. From basic support to full administration. Large projects entrust us with the support of their infrastructure.

Guaranteed provision of resources

The resources of the processor, RAM and storage system are available 100% at any time. You can always change the server settings.

The employees of DCXV do not have access to the server software or to the information stored on it. Full control over the functioning and administration of the server remains with the client and the persons authorized by him.

For each Virtual Dedicated Server, you have full access to SSH (root access), 4 dedicated IP addresses, the ability to install any software, manage filters and routing rules. Each VDS server is completely isolated from other servers, which is the key to safe operation of VDS hosting.