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Diference between dedicated and virtual dedicated hosting

Virtual dedicated hosting- is a hosting service where the end user is provided with a virtual server with the highest privileges. VDS or VPS emulates real physical server - have root-access, possible to install their operating systems and software. On a single physical server typically runs several independent virtual servers.

What is the difference between VDS and VPS

There is an opinion that the terms refer to virtual servers with different types of virtualization: VPS stands for virtualization at the OS level, VDS - hardware virtualization. In fact, the two terms have appeared and developed in parallel, and mean the same thing: a virtual dedicated hosting running on a physical basis.
We use the term VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server, Virtual Dedicated Server), as we believe that it clearly shows the nature of the service provided.

Principle and features of the virtual dedicated hosting
According to the principle of operation and characteristics of the functioning of a virtual dedicated server is not much different from the physical server. He has no restrictions on the number of hosted websites, databases, domain zones, ssh- ftp- email-users, and the owner-manager has the right to work with files, install applications and perform other operations, like on a real full-fledged server. Each virtual server is hosted on our own the IP-address that is not shared with anyone else. If necessary, you can order additional IP-addresses.
Virtual dedicated hosting allowa to operate independently of the other, one located on it with the host machine. This means that the failure of one server does not affect the operation of "neighbors". Unlike conventional virtual (shared) hosting, virtual server protection technologies available from DDoS-attacks, and data integrity is guaranteed by the ability to create a backup.

Compare VDS / VPS with a physical dedicated server
Pros of use VDS / VPS compared to a dedicated server:

  • Low cost: virtual dedicated server rental costs the user much cheaper than renting a comparable physical server capacity. At the same VDS / VPS performance may be even higher.

  • Easy scalability: the virtual server is very easy to add additional capacity in the form of RAM, processor cores, or hard disk volume.

Cons of using VDS / VPS server versus a dedicated server:

  1. Shared disk system and the communication channel: all of the virtual servers running on a single host machine, provided the separation of the main resources used one at all disk system and a common high-speed link. This means that some users may abuse the use of resources and prevent other clients. We use an automated system that finds those users. Violators subject to measures of prevention, to turn off the VDS.

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