Virtual server web hosting

How to get the best virtual server web hosting?

Every company, sooner or later wondering where to keep its data. Information - this is the greatest asset of the modern world, and every business need a safe place to store it. Companies and users are trusted computing all that they do, so selecting the right and reliable place to host services and data storage - the need for which is now dictated by the realities.

In addition, the program and the different web applications become more complex, and therefore they require more computing resources. Software dictate their conditions to the quality of virtual server web hosting are integral attributes: availability, security, scalability. Today, users can choose several web virtual server web hosting options, such as a virtual, dedicated, the VPS, cloud and cloud VPS. In this article we compare the cloud VPS and dedicated server to help our customers make the right choices that meet their expectations.

If you run an online business, or your site has an impressive number of daily visitors, the wrong type of virtual server web hosting will slow down your web resources and reduce its performance. Due to the loss of business customers can hand position and skip ahead of competitors. To avoid this, it is necessary to involve a serious resource for the sustenance and the normal operation of your application.

Choosing virtual server web hosting: when and why?

In the course of our conversation about the difference between virtual server web hosting and dedicated server hosting is worth noting that the virtual server - a relatively new technology, but experts predict that in 2016 about 95% of the world's largest companies will use cloud services. During its existence, VPS has become a reliable and more affordable alternative to a dedicated server. VPS technology allows you to run multiple virtual operating systems on one machine allowing you to simply control the operation of services separate from each other.

Virtual server web hosting: advantages and disadvantages

Virtual server user gets almost the same dedicated, but the virtual server. It also has a guaranteed resource to perform all the necessary tasks and have access to the system as root. This allows you to install and configure the operating system "for themselves." And the flexibility of choosing the tariff plan makes it possible to pay only for the proper configuration.

Comparing virtual server web hosting and dedicated servers, we can highlight the main advantages of the first:

  • You pay only for the amount of resources being used

  • Flexibility (you can opt out of some or choose additional resources needed at any time).

  • Ease of implementation (no need to buy and install equipment that can be deployed in a few minutes).

Virtual server web hosting also allows adding additional resources, such as CPU time and memory, without having to replace hardware parts, as is the case with a dedicated server or physical.