Virtual server on windows server 2008

Administration of virtual server on windows server 2008 r2. Dedicated servers in Europe from the DCXV Company

Administration of Windows Server 2008 R2: characteristics of updated platform

An updated release of the famous and popular server second revision of OS Windows Server 2008 submitted by Microsoft Corporation in summer of 2009 has showed significant functional improvements, enhanced administration functions and several technological innovations. Of course it has many common features with the previous software platforms in this family. For example, the graphical user interface is reminiscent perhaps the most famous and popular product is Microsoft Windows Seven.

Some changes in the OS at first look may seem conventional cosmetic transformations but it became easier to administrate virtual server English 2008 r2. This software platform which inherited the most outstanding features of its predecessor is coming with many integrated snap-ins and control modules to automate many routine tasks and optimize network resources under control.

Overview of components for administrative tasks

Implementation of number key technologies like Active Directory, Power Shell, and Server Manager do eliminate some shortcomings which previous version has suffered greatly and allow you meet fully the ever increasing needs of corporate users in computing power. The presence of self-healing NTFS file system and server Message Block technologies offer excellent prospects for the use of this powerful platform in a variety of corporate environment business processes like virtual server on windows server 2008.

One of the major improvements that simplify greatly the administration server 2008 r2 is the ability to use of a fundamentally new Server Manager administrative console which allows to get quick access to network resources not only on a given physical hardware but also at remote sites. A PowerShell module has undergone such drastic transformation that turned into a full-featured language for writing scripts any scenario related with the solution routine administrative tasks.

In addition, Hyper-V technology had logical continuation. It’s was introduced first in the previous version. Now it can further improve system performance and open up new possibilities for server virtualization in the Windows environment.