Very cheap dedicated server

Where to find very cheap dedicated server in Europe?

DCXV Company since 2012 successfully works in the market of servers hosting. Specialists of the company done a lot of work to ensure that the very cheap dedicated server rental is convenient, high-quality for our customers. Dedicated hosting services and technical support is available at the best price.

What is the difference between dedicated hosting and dedicated server?

The names speak for themselves: in the case of dedicated hosting you get a folder for the sites on the Web server, and extremely limited access to some of its settings. Virtual dedicated server gives you a powerful and flexible tool that can customize the way you want. Very cheap dedicated server is your server, but its performance is ensured by qualified DCXV professionals.

One of the main features of the service lies in the fact that the deployment of your server will happen within five minutes after ordering. Presents the most popular Linux distributions - Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu. It is possible to install FreeBSD, Windows Server 2008 and 2012. Use of the operating system template from the ISPmanager Lite control panel and a set of preinstalled software, or install a clean operating system, and then - required their own set of software.

You get a ready to use very cheap dedicated server, and you do not have to spend time and energy on its building, OS installation and the initial configuration and deployment. All this will do for you DCXV experts. And affordable tariffs are able to cover a wide range of applications that require a dedicated server. If you want to try dedicated server in use or learn to work with a virtual server – try our very cheap dedicated server tariff “Warm-up”:

  • One core 2GHz

  • 256 megabytes of RAM

  • 10 gigabytes of SSD disk space

This very cheap dedicated server can serve as a test platform for the projects, team development, shared access to data, or for any other purpose which does not require high power equipment. The cost of renting a server disproportionately small compared with the opportunities it opens.

These advantages make DCXV very cheap dedicated server rent the best choice in price and quality. A choice that have already made hundreds of clients who have entrusted their data to it, highly loaded projects and even some office infrastructure. I guarantee that you will appreciate the advantages of virtual dedicated servers are offered at the lowest price. This will allow you to rid yourself of worries for the server purchase, the initial setup, implementation and subsequent maintenance of the server and save your data.