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Try new unmetered VPS from DCXV Company

DCXV offers rent dedicated virtual servers based on KVM technology. Powerful cloud platform and flexible pricing have allowed us to create the perfect unmetered VPS hosting at affordable price. You are free to choose and configure the resources for their VPS servers. Start with only $ 5 per month, and increase resources as needed. Intuitive and modern control panel will make your management extremely convenient and simple.

All service which you get with unmetered VPS


Our VPS hosting allows rapid and simple scalability of virtual machines. You can change the settings for virtual machines - disk space, RAM size, the number of processor cores in a large, and in the smaller side not recreating virtual server.


Our cloud makes automatic backup copies of virtual machines. This will provide you with reliable data storage of any of volume. Copies are stored in separate of the main storage.


We provide our unmetered VPS clients with access to a fully redundant Anycast DNS server is a global service that serve the DNS Anycast, located around the world.


If you take care of reliable protection of information that is on your unmetered VPS servers, private network - the right decision. Private networks allow you to combine together two or more servers.


We propose to create an unlimited number of CDN services using our network of over 172 points of presence in 43 countries. With DCXV unmetered VPS you can be sure that your content will be quickly available for the whole world.

Large selection of templates for virtual servers

DCXV collection templates offers a variety of Linux distributions, JumpBox, FreeBSD and Windows images on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. You do not have to be a server administrator for that would create a virtual machine, in this case one of the advantages of using templates is, saving time for the cloud. Templates contain pre-configured and tested configuration setting up quickly and can be ONLINE for 1-5 minutes!

You always can test unmetered VPS service for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.