Unmetered dedicated server.

Select a Hosting: who and for what purposes can use virtual hosting, VPS or server dedicated

Numerous tips of choosing hosting for the site can be combined into a single search pattern algorithm to find quickly and efficiently the optimal area for placing the resource. Begin analysis of proposals hosting sites should be from technical point of service.

Hosting specifications:

1. RAM space. It should ensure an effective operation of the site including the future of its successful development.

2. Disk space and volume sufficient to accommodate all the instruments underlying the site.

3. Traffic that guarantee rapid trouble-free operation of the site the visitor at any time.

4. How to assess the technical specifications? It depends on the type of host since the distribution of these resources varies greatly depending on the type of rent.

Types of hosting for rent and recourses they provide

• server dedicated. In this case the entire capacity of the physical server owned by the user. It is enough to evaluate its technical characteristics transmitted as part of the contract and compare them with the requirements of your project. Also it is hosting type that will provide you with unmetered dedicated server web connection;

• VPS hosting. It emulated part of the physical server. It is necessary to carefully examine the limitations of technical capacity. Even if at the initial stage they will be sufficient VPS hosting sites used by webmasters who have commercial projects with the perspective of its development. Allocated resources should ensure the implementation of these plans;

• Virtual Hosting. Here, the server resources are allocated to all users. Without clear boundaries of capacity utilization. If in order to save money the webmaster decide to place a commercial project on such hosting it is desirable to opt for a reliable provider with a powerful server. Or choose cloud hosting. This type of lease involves a clear boundary resource management and maintenance of work sites by temporarily free reserves resources.

Shared Hosting: who is interested in and in what type

The biggest mistake is to look for a cheap or free web hosting. Problems of this choice:

• the minimum speed of the site;

• poor quality or lack of a support;

• low level of security;

• blocks during the project work.

Virtual hosting of middle price segment from providers with stable reputation will fit for:

• beginners;

• pilot projects;

• storing business card site;

• as storage.

For respectable commercial resources it should be selected more stable lease types, e.g., VPS hosting with the prospective of an eventual move to a unmetered dedicated server.