Unlimited web hosting in Europe

Choose unlimited web hosting from DCXV (Xivivcom) in Europe

Unlimited web hosting - this is the best choice for those who are looking for a cost-effective solution for their websites. By creating and posting their sites with us, you get a lot of advantages: you do not limit yourself to the resources you do not limit yourself to the number of projects you get the minimum cost for the services of a reliable web host without restriction.

DCXV provides technical support of unlimited web hosting around the clock 7 days a week. Our support staff is always ready to assist you in technical matters, including the transfer of your sites.

A flexible system of tariffs allows you to save on hosting significantly. You just choose the payment period, thereby optimizing own costs. If you pay once for an extended period, you can forget about the problems associated with the placement of your site with unlimited web hosting.

What are advantages of unlimited web hosting

Firstly, using this type of hosting, you will be able to post links to download files, which can be any size and format.

Secondly, you do not need to limit the number of domains that are open on one account.

Third, it should be noted the transparency of unlimited web hosting.

Using it, you'll know exactly where and what the money goes on. At the same time you do not have to deal with the traffic counting and services that are often provided in a variety of tariff plans for hosting as an extra (ie, for a fee).

High performance

We use only modern server hardware that can withstand high loads without problems. We also use a smart resource delineation between clients, whereby a client's issues do not affect the other.

For data storage sites and MySQL databases we use several separate systems with fast SSD drives. This can significantly increase the speed of access to information and to ensure the best performance of unlimited web hosting MySQL.

If you've tried our unlimited web hosting, or simply looking for a more powerful solution, our Unlimited Hosting is what you need. Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, additional domains ... Say 'Goodbye!' to theese restrictions. You can upgrade from your Control Panel, or sign up and create a premium account now.