Unlimited hosting - unlimited bandwidth hosting in Europe

Why and who need unlimited bandwidth hosting in Europe?

Unlimited Hosting - is an unlimited number of hosted provider resource. No restrictions apply to the following parameters:

  • unlimited disk space hosting;

  • unlimited bandwidth hosting;

  • unlimited mail hosting;

  • unlimited domain hosting.

Disk unlimited space allows you to place whatever you wish to place on your site - video / audio files and games, Flash content. Hard Drive Unlimited creates a freedom of your project information content, you do not need to worry about what might for anything is not enough space.

Traffic is the volume of data transmitted in the network. Regarding the visitor, which delivers specific data on his visit to the site, traffic is included, relative to the server - outbound. Conducted a lot of controversy about whether it is unlimited bandwidth hosting a marketing fiction or real. It is impossible to answer definitely on this question, there is "double-edged sword."

Unlimited bandwidth hosting is possible when the web hosting company has a broadband Internet connection, thanks to this provider offers customers unlimited bandwidth.

Yet there is a limit in traffic. The point here is crossing the channel width used by the hosting company. This situation exists in order to your website could not jump over the mark on the traffic, which is set by your ISP.

However, it is possible that your project would be enough for such a resource. For example, the average attendance rather large resource - not more than 20 GB of traffic. If the traffic will still be greatly exceeded, in your best interest to be exploring the option of a virtual dedicated server.

Who needs unlimited bandwidth hosting

First of all, unlimited hosting suitable commercial projects, as well as corporate sites. However, a small news resources or even blogs can also be fit. Unlimited resources provide perspective in all: development of the site, and filling his attendance.

Therefore, simply speaking, unlimited bandwidth hosting from DCXV is suitable for any sites from a small culinary blog, ending the popular online store. The main criterion - the site owner wish to develop their project.