UK VPS hosting

UK VPS hosting from DCXV Company can satisfy user’s highest demand

Ordering the UK VPS hosting you get a European quality of service at a great price and a guaranteed reliability. VPS in the UK - is the shortest distance from your online project to European Internet users. Work of hosting providers in the UK is based on the type of US and Canadian companies. And increasingly it is dictated by the marketing policy. Needless to say, just look at the structure of their sites, and understand that they are all very similar to each other, but this similarity does not interfere with the data providers have millions of customers, because the fight for them taking place on marketing field.

Let us consider the key factors that speak in favor of UK VPS hosting choice:

  • the servers placed in the highest European standards data center. It means confidence that your server is protected:

  • reliable high-speed connection to the Internet;

  • spare power supply;

  • 24/7 security;

  • DCXV Company is the direct owner of the hardware ;

  • quick access to the physical server;

  • simple change of tariff plan.

UK VPS hosing provide unique abilities

Absence of unauthorized access risk to confidential information of the client - the law of the United Kingdom strictly regulates the relations between the parties in the field of Internet communications. So you can be sure that important information is stored on your server will not be made public or be seized by law enforcement agencies without sufficient justification.

UK VPS hosting is a server rental for those whom are important the location of the virtual server, as well as for those whose projects are focused on the EU, the United States. UK VPS is suitable for almost all types of websites. All virtual servers in the UK have fast SSD drives in raid 10 that provides not only high performance but also maximum reliability. We are constantly improving the convenience of the server's control panel, the best conditions for the placement and operation of the hardware and channels make the UK VPS service the most stable and reliable for webmasters. You always can test any UK VPS service for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.