UK dedicated server hosting solution.

Get cheap UK dedicated server hosting from DCXV (Xivicom)

These days, for most companies, their presence on the Internet is one of the key moments of a successful business. If the Web site is also a major source of income, it is very important the speed of his work, round the clock availability (24/7/365), security, etc. In this article you will find useful information about one of the hosting service providers and its UK dedicated server hosting solution.

What is a dedicated server (dedicated server)?

A dedicated web server is a physical server that is intended to be used by only one client. This server is used to host web sites belonging only to that client. Therefore, these websites can make full use of system resources and CPU memory.

Among other services UK dedicated server hosting is the best option to accommodate any site for the business, as the server's resources are not shared with other companies. Your site exists in its own secure environment, does not depend on other web sites, which can place a heavy load on the server, thereby making it difficult to function normally your resource. For example, when renting a shared hosting at the same time it can be placed up to 300 other websites.

Because now there is a possibility to rent a cheap UK dedicated server hosting, we recommend you to use it when placing your online resource.

When you may need a UK dedicated server hosting?

• Internet business is the main source of your income;

• any simple site can be associated with loss of income;

• in the season and during the holidays you dramatically increase attendance;

• you need operational support;

• your site need to backup and specific software;

• it takes a powerful multi-core processor, large RAM and hard drive.

Benefits of a UK dedicated server hosting

• there is no risk that the normal operation of your site will interfere with other sites;

• Excellent server response time;

• Priority technical support;

• Increased reliability and performance of the server;

• Increased security of the server;

• Server configurations to fit your needs.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of UK dedicated server hosting and other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.