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We recommend paying attention to our UK dedicated hosting, if you need a quick over a virtual server on ssd drives. A server with client’ data is located in a secure European-level data center Tier 3, which will provide reliable safety of your data. On UK dedicated hosting you can place a movie sites.

UK dedicated hosting provides solutions for those who are loyal important location of the server in the neutral point, and for those whose projects are focused on the EU, USA, Russia and Ukraine. Suitable for almost all types of websites, you can place a movie sites, etc .. All of the servers in the UK for over a fast SSD drives in raid 10 - that provides not only high performance but also maximum reliability. Sever rental in England - this is what you need.

UK dedicated hosting has always been one of the most expensive, but at the same time and one of the highest quality in Europe. That is the location we chose for our VIP-hosting designed for sites demanding technical resources of the server. Huge commercial British company DC Redstation (Hampshire), whose bandwidth is currently in the tens of terabits, directly connected to the largest backbone providers BT (BT Group) and NTL Telewest.

Ordering UK dedicated hosting, you get a European quality of service at a great price - 11 tariff plans ranging from $ 5.99 / month - and guaranteed reliability.

Consider the key factors that speak in favor of the choice of this type of hosting:
The data center, which houses media-server the UK meets the highest European standards - the winner of Global Carrier Awards 2014. This is the confidence that your server will be provided with:
- reliable high-speed connection to the Internet;
- redundant power supply;
- clock security.
DCXV Company is the direct owner of the hardware - for the end customer, this means:
- quick access to the physical server;
- simple change of tariff plan;

- UK dedicated hosting is the shortest distance from your online project to European Internet users.

No risk of unauthorized access to confidential information of the client - the law of the United Kingdom strictly regulates the relations between the parties in the field of Internet communications. So you can be sure that important information stored on your UK dedicated hosting server will not be made public or be seized by law enforcement agencies without sufficient justification.

On DCXV site you can always find the list of UK dedicated hosting solutions and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.