Try on of the top dedicated server in Europe

Try on of the top dedicated server in Europe from DCXV Company

Ordering a dedicated server from the company DCXV, you have the right to choose the top dedicated server which will be located in any country. We'll tell you what are the advantages of resource allocation on dedicated servers in Europe.

Servers in Europe are great to loccate any online resources - from online shopping and to major business projects. Partners of our company are located in Germany, and on the reliability and quality of work of many people know firsthand. Apart from the fact that you order from us the top dedicated server, we also offer additional services: free space for backup, remote access to the server, additional IP addresses and subnets and much more. We are loyal to the complaints, and if they come, we give you the time to solve it.

Ordering a server with us, you are doing a decent choice in favor of quality and reliability. We meet all your expectations and provide the best dedicated server price / performance ratio, which you can find on he market.

What extra services will you get?

Each server initially receive 1 IP address but if need to increase your IP range up to 16 pieces of the same subnet. If you need to place your web site, create a game server or other online project, while Germany's server are ideal for this purpose. Low ping and good speed access from Europe countries. Ordering top dedicated server with a standard configuration will be activated for 2-4 days after payment. In the case of the individual configuration settings may slightly increase the equipment time activation.

It is worth noting that the standard configuration of the server hardware are in demand and are ideal for many projects. Inherently flexible configuration and the ability to install additional options, you can select the most appropriate solution for your needs. It is possible to change all necessary top dedicated server parameters, namely the type and amount of memory hard drive, install the necessary RAM, etc.

Try top dedicated server from DCXV company. Loyalty of European legislation, a high level of legal and physical security, reasonable cost, comfortable accommodation and professional service in certified data centers in Europe are the main points in favor of cooperation with our company.