The virtual file server in Europe

Why the virtual file server can be cheap but reliable?

The virtual file server is a server optimized for performing file I / O operations. The server is designed to store files of any type. In most cases, it has a large amount of disk space. As a rule, the virtual file server is equipped with a RAID controller to ensure fast recording and reading of data. RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is an array of several disks managed by the controller, interconnected

The virtual file server have several major advantages

First, excellent performance and comfort. Work with the documentation becomes faster, and the server capacity itself can vary depending on the needs of the company. Moreover, the use of the virtual file server provides for the installation of only licensed software. Users have access to data from everywhere, just find the Internet.

Secondly, this technology helps to save considerably. So, the costs of maintaining a physical server (electricity fees, renting a room and the salary of a system administrator) are not needed in this case. Also, the requirements for hardware are also reduced - local computers themselves can be inexpensive due to low performance requests, there is no need to constantly upgrade the server.

Thirdly, the cloud provider is responsible for servicing and troubleshooting any faults. This makes the virtual file server reliable and secure. Moreover, they are also well protected, there is archiving and encryption of data.

The virtual file server does not need large processor powers and SMP (SMP architecture - symmetric multiprocessing architecture) and an excess of RAM. This allows you to build file servers on relatively inexpensive hardware platforms. Of course, this rule can not be applied if there is not only a file storage on one server, but also some database management system. For the file server the main is fast hard drive or RAID and the fastest channel of communication with client computers.

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