Seam dedicated server in Europe

Why Steam dedicated server in Europe will increase your results?

First of all, it's full access to hardware and games software. The owner of a r Steam dedicated server is free to change the configuration of the computer, install any operating system, conduct any technical work on the server - this will not interfere with the operation of other services and servers. In addition to the dedicated server, there is sometimes access by KVM / IP - this allows you to remotely configure the BIOS and games software.

Also Steam dedicated server provides network security and ensuring uninterrupted access. The game server can be located on a separate machine so that an attacker who obtained superuser rights on a web server could not seriously damage the database, because it will not allow all SQL, but only some set of stored procedures through which to cause great harm Simply impossible. If the database and the web server are on different machines, users will have access to the database when performing technical work on the Web server.

Steam dedicated server are very popular in game world, especially if the games are powerful and require a large number of participants. Dedicated server is used not only to unload the computer, but also to ensure network security. If the database is on a separate computer, a hacker who has taken over the server will not hurt it very much and will not do much harm to the resource.

The dedicated server is a multi-user game, on which only the server component of the game is running (without the player on it). If there is a server version for a Unix-like operating system, this is usually preferred.

Steam dedicated server is used with the following objectives:

- Unloading the computer. If there are a lot of participants, and the game is demanding, you have to create a dedicated server - otherwise the server (and even on all computers) will experience delays.

- Playground. Dedicated server is used as a constantly working platform for network game.

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