SSD VPS server buy

Try SSD VPS in Europe in European data centr DCXV

SSD VPS similar to our usual VPS solution, except that instead of SAS drives in a RAID they use SSD hard drives that provide large disk performance. Quick VPS servers on the SSD disks from the company DCXV - is the best solution for today on the Lithuanian market, providing the best performance of your site.

  • Advantages of SSD VPS solution from company DCXV:

  • the choice of SSD VPS hosting will increase the performance of your site by tens of percent, and sometimes in several times;

  • it is the best option for sites with high traffic and therefore increased load;

  • this type of server has no restrictions on the load of the disk system;

  • the use of SSD drives provide a higher reading speed and reduces power consumption;

  • ordering SSD VPS here, you get a guaranteed amount of system resources required regardless of your tariff plan;

  • DCXV guarantees the reliability of the provided services.

High-speed channels, guaranteed resources, and above all else - this is only part of the benefits go to our virtual server on ssd drives.

When it is time to choose VPS hosting?

If your site needs more than virtual hosting, or for its work requires special software configuration, then SSD VPS, that's what you need. It allows you to configure PHP and Apache exclusively to the needs of your site. Thanks to a completely isolated from the environment, neighbors, you get a guaranteed resources at your disposal. Thus you achieve a maximum speed and control over their site, thus saving money on renting a physical server.

I'm not an administrator, can I manage a SSD VPS?

Working with VPS hosting is no more difficult than with usual virtual. Anyone with minimal technical skills can manage the server through a convenient control panel. Well, if questions still arise, DCXV’s experienced technical support specialists are always ready to help!

Rent SSD VPS in DCXV data center - this is the best solution under the criterion of price and quality!