SSD server hosting from DCXV

Tips about SSD server hosting from DCXV Company

In recent years the rapid popularity of SSD solid state gain media on which information is stored in the memory cells, without the use of moving parts.

The main advantage of SSD server hosting is great speed data reading, especially for random reading. In random read speed of these discs are significantly higher than even the most powerful storage arrays from 8-12 faster than conventional discs.

SSD drives also demonstrate good writing speed, comparable to conventional disk arrays. Unfortunately, random blocks of data write performance is low and does not provide decisive advantages over conventional disk recording, but the highest reading speed still provides a significant performance benefit.

In which cases SSD server hosting will help the project?

Some modern portals require for their work appeals to a large number of files on the disk. For example, systems such as 1C-Bitrix, Joomla, Wordpress, and the like, may require treatment to hundreds of files on the disk to generate a single page.

In that case, if the pages of the site are in the disk cache in the server memory, things can work quickly, but if the site offers a rare and absent files in the cache, then no disk system can not provide instant opening page of the site. This effect is called "cold start".

Guaranteed placement of all the site files on the SSD server hosting can significantly reduce these symptoms. In the event that a site for an ordinary operation requires an appeal to a large number of files, the site will begin to work much faster.

Placing sites on the SSD server hosting

Service management for the site made from the personal account, to "Full features list", "Placing a site on the SSD drive." On your request the selected site or sites are transferred to the SSD drive, then it is necessary for a few days to pay for the service.

SSD server hosting have become part of our lives and are used not only as an object for sale, but also on their own initiative provider for total optimization of servers. All sites are small get 100% SSD is almost guaranteed (except for a very, very old servers). If you have a small website up to 5 GB, and no special requirements to it there, and so he will be placed on the SSD, buy anything and do not need to choose to do so.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of SSD server hosting and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.