SSD dedicated server hosting

Choose SSD dedicated server hosting in Europe

Dedicated servers are used to implement various Internet projects of any complexity. For some purposes, a SSD dedicated server hosting will be the only right decision. This applies to projects that consume large amounts of traffic and requires a high level of security and processing power, which ensures trouble-free operation.

The cost of SSD dedicated server hosting is much higher than virtual hosting. It is for this reason that they are used in the case of high power is required, and provide access to the hardware of the computer.

Hard Drives: SATA, SSD, what to choose?

Based on the latest trends in the of dedicated servers rental, it can be said that customers often choose a SSD dedicated server hosting. Servers with the disk system on the SSD, and in particular complemented by a hardware RAID controller allows to obtain a phenomenally low latency of the disk subsystem, it is especially important for servers that host large databases: online shop base or any other base, placing increased demands on the speed of the hard disks.

Server Location: in which country to order?

The target audience of the project should be a determining factor in the selection process of the SSD dedicated server hosting, on the correctness of that choice depends the comfort of your users and the availability of the site for the target users. For example, if your project has a European focus, you can order a server in our company, which is located in Lithuania and to ensure reliable and stable operation of the project on the territory of the country with a minimum of delay. Server's location in a particular country does not mean that you are doing well and cut the site's audience located elsewhere, your project itself will run a bit slower, but thanks to new equipment that does not affect the overall download speed.

Lease of SSD dedicated server hosting is ideal for solving problems of hosting work. The service allows you to save significantly since the acquisition of its own server and the physical placement of estimated highly enough.

On DCXV site you can always order the SSD dedicated server hosting and other services as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.