SQL server hosting in Europe

SQL server hosting. Dedicated servers in Europe from the company DCXV

Sql on a virtual server

Only 5-10 years ago, we even could not think about how to install SQL on virtual servers that were received after the virtualization of physical server machine. The modern IT environment requires the use of such a powerful tool as SQL, including on the VPS and other types of virtualized environments.

Some of the Microsoft recommendations shed the light on the providing and support of the SQL server hosting:

  • The right choice - before choosing SQL server hosting as your database support, you need to align your load requirements. For this purpose, the calculations received on the developing phase of large information systems, and a basic understanding of the SQL server basic operations. Even if you are already using SQL server hosting, you should regularly monitor the performance through the admin panel. The main parameters are: input-output speed, the speed of writing data to the disk, the average read speed, amount of all entries. After analyzing these data we can define problems with the exchange between the database and the client.

  • Simple in use database design - the key to virtual server high-performance. File groups whenever possible should be optimized for the requirements of the administrator, because if it does not take into account the work of the database can be slow and inefficient. High capacity is the result of a complex work of server administrator and the databases administrator (the designer).

  • Before you make critical changes you must always make backups. This also applies to the testing of new SQL server configuration, the deployment of new databases. Benchmark Tool SQLIO - this subsystem is a key tool for testing input-output data to the new servers.

  • Remember SQL basis - it will be better performance in those cases where the data files are the same size. This is due to the fact that the SQL server for the virtual base laid proportional operation algorithm, which distributes the files to the physical disk. In some cases, Autogrow function may fail, and the files will be generated with a different volume, which dramatically reduces the performance. To prevent such accidents make manual allocation of disk space.

SQL server hosting services is a completely feasible task that requires administrator attention, most importantly, can significantly improve the performance of your Web services. You always can test any SQL server hosting service for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.