Server hosting companies in Europe

What parametres to consider choosing server hosting companies?

Customers who are using the services of our data center today get better service for own servers and reduce the cost of infrastructure maintenance compared to other server hosting companies:

  1. reduced downtime due to long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment;

  2. stable and round the clock access to insider information due to the powerful redundant communication channels;

  3. savings on the equipment by providing optimum conditions for its operation (air-conditioning, dust proof, high quality power supply);

  4. information and equipment safety thanks to round the clock security, cryptographic disk and communication channels encryption, a powerful solution for backup and other latest technologies of data protection.

The service seems to be convenient for everyone, but it carries a hidden risks. Primarily, they are associated with insufficient reliability of information storage. This article will list the criteria when choosing server hosting companies are required to minimize the threats.

Determine the criteria: server hosting companies fit your company

The hosting company is a specialized high-tech platform to accommodate the server and network equipment. The multi-component system created in order to ensure the smooth automated operation of business processes. In a safe and secure space created favorable conditions for the operation of the server equipment. Information of lessee or owner is protected from unauthorized users.

Server hosting companies are interesting, first of all, for companies whose activities are directly dependent on the fast and efficient processing of large volumes of information. In fact, the use of the data center allows you to increase productivity and to reduce to a minimum loss of information.

Among traditional hosting company services, such as rent or rack servers, server placement, rental of communication channels, configuration software, administration, new proposals were added. We are talking about renting virtual servers, disk space for backup applications. But before the choice of the one from plenty server hosting companies, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What tasks must server hosting companies solve?

  • What should be its capacity?

  • How important is data security and stability for you?

  • Whether virtual or physical server is required?

  • Which set of equipment necessary for the operation (network, server, storage, accessories, security systems)?

  • What is the amount for the use of data center costs?

  • Does it make sense to create their own data center or to use of commercial data center services?

On DCXV site you can always find all necessary information to choose it among many server hosting companies.