Server with SSD

Use server with SSD in Europe

While throughout the world projects with attendance at least 4000 visitors per day chooce to use server with SSD drives, many European hosters hesitate. Mainly because of money: these discs are relatively expensive.

How to achieving efficiency?

Server with SSD give the desired file immediately, without delay for search. In addition, they can issue multiple files without any loss of speed. This is crucial for high-loaded Internet projects. Demonstrating: Enables viewing 5 movies at the same time on a laptop with SSD drive, and on the device with an ordinary disk. Normal disc begins to slow down, not having time to read at the same time in five locations. This is logical: it is necessary to physically rearrange the head of the old turntable. At the same time, the SSD provides uninterrupted video stream, at least five at once.

The same thing happens at the server. Without load you are unlikely to notice a significant acceleration of the site, but when there is traffic - server with SSD leads, handing out pages quickly, while the traditional HDD flex under load.

When is server with SSD necessary?

At low attendance SSDs, as well as all the individual server, and any investment in hardware, irrelevant. Project needs server with SSD with more than 3,000 hosts / 30,000 hits a day, and with a sufficiently large number of pages. Great - this at least from 3000. Less can be cached in memory, so that at low load the benefits of solid-state drives imperceptible.

When server with SSD is not necessary?

In the case of storage in a network of huge data volumes - film archives, backups of hundreds of sites, the use of SSD is not appropriate, because it will be expensive.

Align with best

"Great and mighty" Google began to use the server with SSD as soon as they appeared. Low reliability of the first generations of these discs did not become an obstacle - these discs quickly distribute "hot" files and their contents are permanently reserved for traditional the HDD, in RAID 1 for added reliability.

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