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Different types of server price and solution from DCXV Company

Occasionally we offer powerful dedicated servers with a discount. If you are looking for a powerful Windows dedicated server or a dedicated Linux server at the price of a cheap server, add this page to bookmark, and from time to time, check it. It may well be that you can find the cheapest server price here.

Each dedicated server, we offer for rent includes free permanent access (24 × 7) to set IPMI tool that allows you to manage the server yourself, turn on / off the server power, reboot, connect to a remote server to the KVM console, and so Further. Please note that we offer for rent only reliable dedicated servers, we do not offer cheap servers made from cheap components, which allows reducing server price but also constantly creating problems for the customer, and often his headache. Absolutely all dedicated servers are the original servers with ECC RAM and other features of the modern dedicated servers. If you decide to rent DCXV dedicated server, rest assured - this powerful and reliable dedicated server will serve in a very long time and will save you from all the "charms" of cheap server price services, uptime (time without the need to reboot) of the dedicated server can be measured in years .

Examples of typical servers

  • Web-servers

  • gateway server

  • mail servers

  • Voip pbx Asterisk

  • terminal servers

OS server price

Servers may be divided not only by hardware and intended purpose parameters, but also the operating system of choice. Selection of the operating system does not depend on a variety of factors, as sometimes some pros say. The basic OS difference is in control interface and server price. System administrators love to get simple things confusing. Often, it is very simple.


Servers FreeBSD, we will not hide, is our favorite operating system. Very reliable Unix-Like OS. Clear structure, configuration flexibility, a wide range of software. It solves a very wide range of tasks like Web-servers, mail servers, file servers, Voip bpx Asterisk, database servers, Internet gateways, corporate servers, etc. Also FreeBS allows us to set quite low server price.


 It is not even an operating system, but a whole class of operating systems. The support of large corporations and good marketing have made Linux is a popular base for creation. Linux provides a wide range of supported controllers, well-written virtualization servers, development tools, a wide range of packaged solutions are a credit to this operating system. You can find Linux in a list of middle-high server price tariff plans.

Microsoft Windows

Of course, the terminal server can be done on the basis of FreeBSD + XWindow, but (not surprisingly) it is not particularly in demand, compared with terminal servers based on Microsoft Windows. Terminal servers, domain controllers, database servers - are good examples of the use of Windows servers.

At a time when we do not low server price, we do our best to keep prices affordable to powerful dedicated servers. And we are glad that we can offer cheap dedicated servers, while they are really productive, as well as expensive servers with highest capacity. We hope that you will appreciate the high quality of services that we provide to you.