Server hosting prices

What dependes on server hosting prices?

Colocation attractiveness lies in the fact that you are the rightful owner of the server, and you can dispose of it at its discretion: you become independent of hardware and software, which offers virtual hosting provider, you need to consider only server hosting prices. In particular, Internet providers do not impose any restrictions on the amount of disk space or particular server. You are no longer torment headaches from the restrictions imposed by the provider on the virtual hosting concerning: memory usage, startup scripts, terms of storing e-mail on the server, the use and so on.

Server hosting makes it possible to implement all the tasks of any complexity all depends on server hosting prices. On your server, you can have an unlimited number of web resources. The information on a single server is more secure than "shared" provider's server. Shared hosting can be compared with a hostel - is common to all of the virtual server security. The attack on the virtual server neigbour might break your system. Your colocation server is protected by a security system provider, and you can provide arbitrarily high level of protection is your own server. Ensure full confidentiality of internal data. Implemented automatic and permanent monitoring of server status and the operating service.

DCXV offers services of physical servers colocationn. To accommodate the servers used specialized industrial rack width of 19 inches. It is also possible colocation in ordinary cases of type "tower". Leaarn more about server hosting prices.

Equipment placement is made without external devices. The equipment is connected to the main channel at a bandwidth of 100 Mbit / s at a speed of 10/100 Mbit / s. Special rooms where equipment is located, equipped with grounding devices, uninterruptible power supply, fire alarm, automatic fire-extinguishing and antistatic flooring. They maintained an optimum microclimate with the help of air-conditioning systems. Access to equipment maintenance staff is carried out by prior arrangement. All theese paremeters makes server hosting prices higher.

On DCXV site you can find server hosting prices and prices of other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.