Server hosting company in Europe

How do You choose server hosting company?

Internet, like any other field of activity, has a number of specific terms and concepts, obscure far from this area to a human or a novice. In this article, as well, in all the articles from the "How?" I will tell you what is web hosting, server hosting company and what types of hosting there is. I will try to explain a simple and understandable language for beginners ...

What is the site in terms of a simple visitor? This content (text, graphics, or video), ie some files (HTML files, pictures, video files, etc.). In order to allow visitors to view or download these files, they must be stored somewhere, and should be available. So, the sites are stored on the hard disks of special computers. These computers are called servers. Unlike conventional computer serve must be continuously available (on and connected to the Internet) and is equipped with special software. Each site located in the Internet on some server by server hosting company.

Let`s imagine that you have created a website and decided to post it on the Internet. With this you hosting will help. What is the server hosting company that is a hosting provider?

Hoster, hosting provider or a server hosting company - internet company which provides hosting services. The main function of hosting - to store your website on its servers and make sure that the site is always available to visitors. That is why you need to carefully in approach of selection the server hosting company.

High- quality and reliable hosting plays a very important role. If the server (or Web hosting, web hosting provider), will no longer cope with its main function, it can be very bad for your site:

  • IT will not be available to users or work slowly;

  • Search engines can not index the site.

The solution DCXV offers is paid hosting. This means that you will pay a certain amount for the use of web hosting. Often, the amount depends on the quality of server hosting company services. Very often you can find the phrase: "Quality cheap web hosting" or "Safe and Cheap Web Hosting." From experience I can say that the quality and low cost - two incompatible things. Normally, cheap web hosting is not very high quality. But to focus only on price - it is silly, since I met and expensive hosting, which were not of good quality. How to choose quality and not very expensive Hosting?

  • Do not believe the great promises of hosting;

  • Read reviews of people about hosting forums and blogs.

I hope you now know what is hosting and on what to put attention in the process of server hosting company choosing.