server hosting cheap

Use server hosting cheap from DCXV Company

Server hosting cheap - a service for direct physical placement of servers and their connection to the electric power and Internet network. That is already fully organized server hosting, where you can place any needed information or services.

Among other services DCXV company also provides service of server hosting cheap - which involves placing a server in our data center followed by maintenance. Of course, the arrangement of servers takes place completely autonomously, that is, access to information stored on the server has only the owner, which was completely retained ownership of the server (of course, with the preparation of all necessary documents).

By purchasing our services server hosting cheap you can not only place a server - you also get at no extra charge:

- Technical testing site within 7 days and the possibility of choosing the optimal tariff plan corresponding to the real needs of the equipment;

- Automatic installation of the operating system to choose from and a standard software package;

- Execution of works on the server using the IP-KVM without having to wait at any time of the day;

- Repair of the server in the event of faults (with re-installing the operating system and software, if necessary).

Server hosting cheap from DCXV is:

- Free installation of the server and related equipment on our technical platform at any convenient time of day;

- Round the clock technical support and access to equipment.

Ordering server hosting cheap from us you also get additional services:

- Remote access and remote reboot, which is enough to write or call the technical support;

- Full access to your account around the clock and the ability to check the balance and consumed traffic;

- Around the clock technical support and server hosting cheap monitoring;

- Backup to a separate server;

- Up to four additional ip-address;

- The possibility of suspension of the service (and hence cost) to a month;

- And other additional services.

On DCXV site you can always order the server hosting cheap and other services as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.