Server hosting in Europe

Try server hosting services in EU from DCXV (Xivicom) Company

DCXV company offers server hosting in EU with a full range of services on the system "all inclusive". When servicing our customers get full use of a dedicated server configuration to your personal requirements, thus eliminating the costs of acquisition, deployment and maintenance of their own equipment.

Server hosting is similar to a dedicated server service, because in this case you will also have a server, you use only, but the main difference is that the hosted server will belong to you, and will not be leased to an organization that offers the service. In other words, you need to buy and place your own server in the data center, which will provide support and maintenance of the server, as well as to solve its security problems, restricting unauthorized physical access. It is much more expensive than renting a server within the VPS / VDS service. Server hosting allows you to store your own server in a building specially equipped for safe maintenance and operation of servers. Thus, server hosting - a solution for large organizations and businesses that want to ensure the smooth operation of the server.

Server hosting - the service, the main purpose of which is that the service provider puts the customer equipment on their territory (data center), connecting it to electricity, while providing a service as well as a connection to the communication channels with high bandwidth. It so happens that this equipment does not belong to the client, and leased them to the provider. This service is called "rent a dedicated server."

Such service allows to save money on the organization of the communication channel from the client to the provider . Often server hosting which are designed to support websites and other network services that have a large volume of traffic, as well as equipment requiring reliable access from many points.

Standard options granted for server hosting services:

  • available rack space to accommodate telecommunication equipment (this can be done in separate cabinets or selected modules, including shielded);

  • physical security of the hosted server is guaranteed;

  • providing of uninterrupted power supply equipment;

  • connection through the equipment Cisco Systems;

  • network availability - about 99% of the time in a month;

  • support modules climatic conditions (including ekranirovannnyh);

  • hosted security systems (fire, physical, etc.).

On DCXV site you can find server hosting services and prices of other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.