the best server for rent

Looking server for rent? Check out DCXV solutions.

The DCXV company offers a full range of hosting services. It has private data center in Lithuania, EU. The total throughput capacity of external channels connected more than 400Gbit / s. We are ready as soon as possible to connect the server hardware at speeds of 1 Gbit / s to 40 Gbit / s and is guaranteed to pass these traffic volumes.

Server for rent (dedicated) - is to provide you a physical server, which is installed in our data-center in EU. The server is connected to the Internet at a speed of 100 Mbit / s, 1Gbit / s or 10Gbit / sec. Server Rental - direct savings because you do not need to buy a server. It is enough to rent it from us. And most importantly, it will be completely your server, all of its resources will only work for you.

Server for rent is relevant for the most sites to move quickly, which is already getting crowded on a virtual server or the VDS, and for major corporate projects, which must work stably and have high demands on data security.

All servers that we provide in the lease, already installed and connected to our data centers. After payment you will immediately get access to them. If you need a server for rent in a configuration different from those that we offer, please write us with the necessary equipment and configuration in the shortest possible time we will give you the desired server on loan. At the moment, we have a super offer for lease of high-performance SuperMicro servers.

Placing the server (colocation) - is the placement of your equipment in our data centers. Colocation is produced in closed server cabinets, equipped with everything necessary for continuous operation. The cost of colocation services the sum of the number of units held by your hardware and consumes power. When placing the server, you can rent a 100Mbps port 1Gbit or, if necessary, 10Gbit / sec. The service is perfect for colocation company has its server hardware.

Also you can buy server - a remote possibility of purchasing one or more servers you selected configuration. You tell us the server configuration that you want to buy, we place a request from various vendors (HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Dell) and get him special rates. After agreement and payment on your part, the server is delivered to us in the data center. From now on you only pay for his accommodation at colocation tariffs.

All server for rent are located in a modern reliable level data center. We guarantee uninterrupted power supply, high-quality connectivity, redundant communication channels. Before delivery to the client all servers tested quality and testing. Monitoring of dedicated server for rent is carried out 24/7; all technical problems are solved as soon as possible. You always can try the best server for rent from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.