Server administration on Linux

DCXV offers the server administration on Linux service

The uninterrupted operation of servers depends on hardware and software and system administration. A professional server administration on Linux is no less important than quality equipment or reliable software. Moreover, a good administrator will "squeeze out" the maximum performance from both hardware and software, help to smooth out their shortcomings, and prevent malfunctions.

Our administrators successfully prevent those problems that can be prevented and "resolve" the force majeure situation so quickly that it does not have time to seriously affect the server operation. With 3 years of expirience our team has accumulated a huge knowledge of technical support for servers with Linux, AIX, FreeBSD and Windows, so our administrators are difficult to embarrass any nontrivial or difficult task. Our specialists will provide reliable operation of web projects of any scale - from one server to complex cluster systems. The server administration on Linux is the most popular through all server OS.

DCXV provides a set of services for remote server administration on Linux, ensuring the uninterrupted and correct operation of equipment, operating and software and Internet access. Specialists of DCXV independently solve questions of set up, configuration, monitoring and correction of errors at the server level. In addition, provide protection against hacker attacks and ensure the safety of information resources.

Example of server administration on Linux tasks that can be completed with service from DCXV:

  • Remote installation of the operating system and control panel

  • Initial setup of the operating system and control panel

  • Installing and updating software

  • Server recovery

  • Online reinstallation and server migration

  • Installation and configuration of security features

If you do not have your own administrator who could correctly install and correctly configure the computer system in your office, the specialists of the company "DCXV can help you with server administration on Linux.

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