Server administration services

Server administration services from DCXV (Xivicom) Company

Remote server administration

Actually, the name speaks for itself, remote administration of the server differs from the usual only in the way of access to the server, in the second case, the administrator has physical access to the server (for example, in the office room or data center employee), in the case of remote administration, all work on Server maintenance is performed through a network (Internet or local), through secure communication channels (eg SSH or KVM).

The service of remote server administration from DCXV include:

  • Independence from geographical position, administrator and server, can be in absolutely different places of the world;

  • Constant server monitoring remotely;

  • Response speed in case of emergency situations;

  • The ability to serve the server at any time convenient to the client;

  • It's cheaper than keeping an employee in the state.

The drawback of remote server administration is, the inability to physically access the machine, for example, to replace a failed node, but in such situations the responsibility rests with the hosting company where the company was leased (bought), the server is broken and their employees are engaged. Well and still probably restriction on performance of some operations at absence of KVM access (depends on the hosting provider).

What are the advantages of remote server administration for the company?

None of modern enterprise can conduct full-fledged activities without the involvement of a team of specialists who would be responsible for the proper operation of IT systems. However, more companies are abandoning the outdated scheme of hiring employees in the state.

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