reseller web hosting tariff plans

Solutions for reseller web hosting from DCXV Company

DCXV invites you to discover your own web hosting business by ordering one of the available reseller web hosting tariff plans. You will be able to sell hosting and related services without having to worry about buying a server, connect it to the Internet, install the software, administration and other costly and time-consuming tasks.

In contrast to the affiliate program when you are working under the trademark DCXV and get a percentage of the first payment for the new account, reseller web hosting includes the work under its own brand, independent mutual settlements with customers, conducting their own reseller marketing policy on the DCXV technical and programmatic basis.

Each DCXV reseller web hosting:

  • is attracting its own customers and provide them with user services and technical support on their behalf;

  • create their own hosting tariff plans;

  • leads registration cards (accounts) of clients attracted to them, controls them with the help given to him UKRHOSTING Control Panel;

  • conducts all settlements with their users.


  • the amount of resources used by a reseller, is the sum of all the resources of its hosting customers, including reseller web hosting account;

  • reseller must set limits for its users to the available resources (disk space, traffic, databases quota and others.) according to the parameters acquired their reseller plan;

  • in case of exceed the limit of reseller plan resources, the reseller pays the additional resources used on tariffs for excess resources according to their acquired reseller plan;

  • reseller web hosting may, at any time to purchase additional resources on tariffs for additional resources according to their acquired reseller plan. The cost of pre-paid services and resources is less than the cost of overspending;

  • reseller may at any time change the reseller plan.

DCXV undertakes:

  • technical, hardware and software servers support

  • providing technical support to reseller

  • holding backups of all reseller account data

  • installation of additional modules and programs to update hardware and software.

The reseller web hosting plans include:

a separate administrative account in the Control Panel H-Sphere (hosting control system) to create your own hosting plans, the distribution between the available resources, setting prices and manage user cards (accounts) of their users;

Control Panel for domain names and billing;

the ability to change the Control Panel interface, namely the ability to specify your own, different from ours, the name of the company, add your logo, change some texts and images, the color palette of the Control Panel;

2 IP-addresses needed for DNS-service;

disk space to host websites, email, FTP, MySQL;

an unlimited number of sites and domains, subdomains, domain name aliases, custom DNS records;

an unlimited number of FTP-accounts;

unlimited number of e-mail services (mailbox, mail forwarding, alias mailbox, distribution list, answering machine).

On DCXV site you can always find the list of reseller web hosting solutions and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.