Reseller hosting plans

What reseller hosting plans from DCXV includes?

Reselling hosting - is the ability to get extra earnings on the Internet. The service is intended for those who have decided to seriously engage in hosting and reselling. Our reseller hosting plans are quite democratic, and is well suited for both beginner and experienced resellers. We sign with resellers a contract for services. We treat with any reseller, as a partner in the business.

Reseller hosting plans are very useful for web studios, as a place of locating of a large number of web sites for less money. Reseller Hosting produce a fixed payment capacity allocated to them (tariffs). Resellers need to draw on the resources allocated to them as much as possible customers to earn an income.

Web hosting reseller have the ability to sell under their own brand. Reseller can maintain the user himself or with the help of our billing system to accept payment (billing rentals negotiated separately).

On the resources allocated to resellers can create new users and organize their support system (ticket system). In case of difficulty in customer support, this feature will be able to fulfill by our system administrators (the amount of support and its costs for each reseller hosting plans are negotiated separately).

To manage web hosting reselling we used ISPManager panel. You can also order a billing control panel. With the help of the billing system, you can create your own payment methods, automated debit tariff plans, organize automatic management of their hosting customers (enable, disable services). Billing is organized on a separate dedicated server (VDS) with the rental license of the billing system.

Advantages of reseller hosting plans:

1. Purchase Reselling hosting does not require large investments. Suffice it to about $ 20 per month

2. Reseller can sell hosting to their website and with their own name and brand

3. Reseller has the right to create own reseller hosting plans

4. The ability to have a few of their sites on the hosting and implement their administration

5. Gains from the sale of hosting depends on the amount of attracted users


1. In order to carry out high-quality technical support, you must have extensive knowledge in this area (some hosting providers are taking the implementation of technical support to customers on a reseller, at least provide to reseller the database of questions and answers)

2. It is possible to increase the number of customers, and therefore need more disk space, which entails new costs