Reseller hosting packages in Europe

Features of European reseller hosting packages from DCXV Company

Reseller hosting packages can be of interest primarily to webmasters who create and maintain websites for their customers. Since the reseller account allows you to quickly allocate the client the necessary space and resources for its site, as well as a separate account that the client can use as a full hosting account, without affecting other reseller sites.

Reseller hosting packages with cPanel / WebHostManager (WHM) uses high-performance servers. Host several websites or start your own hosting business today with BeeHosting, the best reseller of hosting. On your part, you need a minimum of efforts to create a hosting business. Our flexible reseller hosting packages for Linux hosting offer unlimited disk space, sufficient bandwidth and complete e-mail solutions. All this greatly increases your chances of success.

European hosting and its features

European hosting has its own characteristics and they are connected, first of all, with the influence of national historical factors.

  • The main feature of European reseller hosting packages is its attitude to the client. Today in Europe there is a demographic decline and this affected how the company's hosting company is fighting for each customer. If you came to any provider, then you are unlikely to leave it without buying.

  • Europe has always been famous for its quality. Europeans are in no hurry, they are doing everything slowly and carefully. For them, quality is more important than quantity. Naturally, for quality it is necessary to pay not one ruble.

  • Many European hosting companies provides reseller hosting packages with support the Russian language. They are very respectful of their neighbors, because they know that a Russian person is willing to pay a lot if it is properly motivated. And Russian language support is an excellent quality of foreign hosting.

  • The price of European reseller hosting packages is an order of magnitude higher than that of American or Russian colleagues. But this does not surprise anyone. Knowing with what scrupulousness the Europeans approach their work, one can not be afraid of the quality of the services provided.

  • The level of technical support is very high. If you have any problem, then it will try to solve "Hans", and not some "operator number 11". And he will call you and offer solutions until he gets results.

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