Reseller hosting in Europe

Do you want to becom reseller hosting?

Useful tips how to find a r reseller hosting:

These tips are for those who wish to become a reseller. You should pay attention to the following things when choosing a web hosting company that offers reseller hosting accounts:

1. Help Desk What they offer: whether email only, or even ticket system, telephone or direct toll-free number. If it is only Email, then this option is highly doubtful.

2. Do they have an office with a physical address? Most are Part-timers.

3. Do they have restrictions on the number of accounts in each package?

4. Do they allow to sell excessive number of accounts? Yes, it has its shortcomings, but it is the only way for a new business to survive.

5. Do they offer reseller domain registration service? This will ensure to maintain the integrity.

6. The response time to requests for sales. If they are slow - hoster can not be fast and in support too.

7. Years of experience. View the whois data of their domain, usually the older is better, although some of the new can be reliable.

Advantages and disadvantages of reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is the intermediary between the provider and the end-user (site owner). He buys a large part of the physical server provider and resells client accounts webmasters, thereby obtaining a profit. Reselling may engage novice hosting companies, web-studio or regular freelancers.

Relationship to resellers fold ambiguous. Some people consider them to speculators and swindlers, others choose hosting from a reseller, explaining his choice a number of advantages:

Low cost

Reseller gets the server from provider at a reasonable cost and divides it between a certain number of customers. This allows it to be installed on their services comparatively low prices.

Close communication with the reseller

Because of the small number of customers reseller hosting has the ability to give full attention to each of user, it is what big provider can not afford. Most reseller account is purchased with a view to placing it on their websites, and "surplus" resources are resold to other users. In this case, the reseller willing to share his experience with clients.

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