Reseller host in Europe

What is the sense of becoming reseller host professional?

The essence of reseller host is to provide domain name registration and hosting services. And the rights to these services you (as a reseller host) get from the registrars, junior partners. In turn, registrars-junior partners are legal entities or individuals who buy domains at a discount from their senior partners and sell the purchased domains at a higher price to end-users who need a domain name. It should be borne in mind that only second-level domains are registered by accredited registrars. Otherwise, customers may have problems with domain ownership rights.

Domain reselling is often used by those firms that provide "web construction" services. For example, you can meet domain registration offers for a nominal fee, provided that the site is created in this web studio. Some customers accept these conditions, but before registering a name, you should find out whether the company that provides reseller host services has the right to register such domain names. After all, in case of problems, you can lose an order of magnitude more money than saved, as well as lose the domain itself.

Reseller host gets ree transfer of the site

We know how difficult it is to change site hosting. Often, the attendant difficulties force you to use the services for years, the quality of which you are unhappy with. But you can avoid problems associated with the DCXV transfer service.

Any of our reseller host will help you transfer your sites (maximum 10 domains) from the old hosting free of charge. The transfer of more than 10 domains is at the discretion of the operator.

With the help of reseller host tariffs you can organize your business in the field of hosting, while investing minimal capital. These tariffs are suitable for those who have several projects on the Internet and want to combine them on one site for more convenient management. We recommend reseller tariffs for design firms, with the help of reseller tariffs you can provide hosting to your customers.

We host resellers on separate servers, regardless of the clients of the virtual hosting.

Reseller host discount system:

  • Paying for 6 months - 20% discount.

  • If you pay for 12 months - 30% discount.

  • If you pay for 24 months, you get a 40% discount.