Renting a dedicated server in Europe

Why renting a dedicated server is the best solution for online-shop and big projects

If your web resource is highly loaded, you do not have enough hosting performance anymore, the site constantly slows down, when uploading files produces errors, then renting a dedicated server is the ideal solution. Having access to the whole server, you will be able to manage the productive capacities of the provided system, choose the type of operating system, determine the type and number of programs necessary for the site operation, implement special settings to optimize and improve the system as a whole.

Such service in which a separate physical server is provided to the user. Dedicated servers are used to store large amounts of data, to host large resource-intensive projects, and to work with applications that are incompatible with virtualization systems.

Possibilities that opens to you renting a dedicated server

A powerful server that pulls a bunch of enterprise tasks - the dream of any system administrator. Dream and headache, because to get the funds for server rental from the leaders of industry - the task is not easy. Yes, and the leaders themselves often understand the need, but the budget of the enterprise does not allow making large expenditures.And in this case server rental is the best way out of this situation. After all, many problems will be solved at once:

  • The enterprise will receive the necessary capacity for its infrastructure at quite low cost;

  • Maintenance and support of the physical performance of the server will be proceeded by the technical support of the cloud solution provider;

  • The cost of software will be reduced - in fact, in this case, too, it will be possible to rent it;

  • It will not be necessary to allocate a separate location for a large and buzzing server;

  • The cost of electricity will be reduced, because this large powerful server consumes a lot.

DCXV offers modern servers for rent. We always have servers of different configurations with the optimal ratio "performance - reliability - price". For customers who have special requirements forequipment, there is a possibility of choosing configuration yourself.