Rent windows server fom DCXV.

Looking where to rent windows server?

Dedicated Server - type of hosting in which the client rent Windows server and is provided with entirely separate physical machine (as opposed to shared hosting). Typically used to run applications that can not coexist on the same server with other projects or have high resource requirements.

Rent Windows server in EU

Rent Windows server will allow you to promptly organize a file server for the daily needs of the modern office, placing it on "1C" applications, as well as any other ERP, CRM and other systems that are important for your company.

The AMD Opteron processor for servers are based on the use of a large number of not very powerful cores, which ensures high performance of the server. To work with the best Apache is right for such a configuration. If the choice is made in favor of MySQL, then Intel will cope with the task by two powerful cores on which the server Xeon processors.

Thus, the hosting in the form of rent Windows server, AMD or Intel in our center will provide you with the most reliable and productive solution available today when renting a server in EU. Both companies have for years demonstrated a comprehensive approach to reduce energy consumption of their servers, which allows permanent reduction of costs for server maintenance. This, in turn, affects the economic benefits of the lease AMD and Intel physical servers that we offer in our data center.

Rent Windows server with AMD vs. Intel. What to choose?

When it comes to rent Windows server in the data center, the same questions arise sharply as the reliability of the company you have selected infrastructure and quality of the server that you trust their data storage or placement of your site. Therefore, it is important that the solution provides the market leaders - to meet the highest requirements for the "hardware" will be able to rent or lease a server AMD Intel server in our company.

Both producers have long proven themselves in the market of computer equipment as the industry leaders whose solutions simply do not leave room for competition with them to other manufacturers. That is why, when it comes to take the server out, customer orientation goes in two directions - AMD and Intel.

Rent Windows server - one of the most popular ways to "enter" the data center that combines two main qualities: user-friendliness and the ability to implement server rent cheap.

You always can test any rent Windows server service for your compamy or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.