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Why so many users want to rent web server?

What is a web server? Why it is better to rent web server?

What is meant by the concept of a web server? The set of Web servers is the foundation of the Internet. Without them, there would be no World Wide Web. Members simply could not communicate with each other, to find the information they need, start and maintain their own websites and blogs. Web servers can be computers or special programs that perform server role or you can rent web server.

Functions of the web server

The main task of the web server to make HTTP-requests from users, process, translate into a digital computer code. Then issue the HTTP-responses, transforming them from millions of ones and zeros in the image, media streams, letters, HTML page.

Any web server for ease of use by users, should have a user-friendly web browser. It transmits Web server requests that have been converted into the URL-address of the Internet - resources. In addition to standard features, some web servers have additional. So, for example, the appropriate software can detect the number of user requests to a particular resource, record them in a separate log. And they can support HTTPS, that is not unimportant for a secure connection between the sites and users.

Why do you need a web server?

As has become clear from the above, the rent web server is needed by all who use the Internet network for information exchange. However, it is necessary to contact in the long run is not a man, and the programs and devices. For example, anti-virus programs are often asked to look for a server on the network and to update their database. Actively cooperate with the web servers mobile phones, TVs and other devices that have Internet access. It is possible to configure the program to update automatically. Then the user's participation in this process will be virtually unnecessary. But some update databases it is better to control yourself.

Operational systems for web servers

The most popular and widely used among users who want to rent web server are Microsoft IIS and Apache. The most popular of these is the Apache. Its software is used by more than 60% of all existing. In many ways it has become possible thanks to the fact that Apache is free. Developers constantly analyze their product errors and eliminate them. The disadvantage of the program is that it is largely intended for professional programmers and users.

Microsoft, on the contrary, aims to make its Web server IIS accessible to the understanding of the average user. All of it can be carried out without specialist settings.

And Apache and IIS work well with many operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, Microsoft Windows various modifications and many others. These two web servers are stable in work, have good speed, they can be connected to additional modules.

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