Rent Linux server in Europe

Let’s talk about how to rent Linux server for big projects in Europe

Linux Server is a software - hardware system that exists on the basis of one or more physical servers running the Linux operating system. A distinctive feature of rent Linux server is the availability of cluster consisting of two classes of computers - the actual physical servers and load balancers. Purpose of last is to optimize the process of performing complex tasks by distributing the load between physical servers at its disposal. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the system and to avoid the loss of the cluster in the event of failure of the balancer is used not one but several of these load balancers.

Handy management of your VPS

If you decided to rent Linux server then, Linux virtual servers are one of the most appropriate option to address the time-consuming projects that require large amounts of computer time and resources. In the case where the system other than Linux, the set on the virtual server does not allow the use to find a solution to the resources of multiple virtual machines, the problem is solved much slower. If your virtual server is running an operating system other than Linux this kind of tasks will be performed much more slowly, as any other system does not allow the use to find a solution to the resources of multiple virtual machines.

Rent Linux server on the SSD discs

Our company offers a Linux server based on its own appliance. The user is able to install the software components that are compatible with Linux, to independently change settings and system configuration capabilities to transparently use multiple servers for a quick solution of tasks. This implies that the end-user interaction with the LVS cluster looks exactly the same as the interaction with a single high-performance server. Our company is committed to provide technical support, performance, security and system administration, while providing free unlimited bandwidth.

Virtual servers with Linux installation is a unique resource platform, since neither system does not provide such a load distribution and does not allow to use it as widely as possible. That is one more reason to consider where to rent Linux server.

Our company offers some of the best market offers to rent Linux server in Europe to get a comprehensive consultation and the answer to the question of which server to order, you can contact the manager of the company DCXV. We are always ready to meet you - so you can always choose among the standard tariff Linux server service plans in Europe or our experts will develop a tariff plan most suitable for you. When you rent Linux server in the company DCXV data center you get your Linux server within an hour after the order, thanks to which excludes the human factor a fully automated Linux installation and activation process.