Rent a virtual server in Europe

Why your decision to rent a virtual server is the right choise? DCXV (Xivicom) knows the answer!

When developing large-scale projects, companies need a significant amount of computer resources for their implementation. The situation is different with small or medium-sized businesses, it is quite enough just to get a server.

Virtual dedicated server (VPS) does not depend on the "physical" server, taking advantage of all its advantages. The virtual server has its own IP address, ports and filters. It is available at any time and from anywhere in the world. You can work with it in the same way as with a real server using an automated workstation (AWP). If your organization does not have its own server or does not have the opportunity to rent a dedicated server from the provider company — decision to rent a virtual server will be a good alternative.

Initial configuration of the virtual server is made by specialists of the company DCXV (Xiviom), and further changes to the system parameters, if necessary, are made by the customers themselves - with the help of the "virtual office". Manage the virtual dedicated server is as simple as normal - without any restrictions, in real time.

What advantages will you get after your decision to rent a virtual server?


Due to virtualization technologies, the virtual server is completely limited from other clients. It has guaranteed resources, its own file system.

Control Panel

You can install absolutely any server control panel on the VPS server, for example Vesta, Webmin, OpenPanel, ISPConfig, VHCS, WebsitePanel, Kloxo and any other free toolbar, or with ISPManager, Cpanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, Virtualmin Pro licenses and others.

Maintenance of servers

If you do not have sufficient skills to work with the VPS server, our campaign provides services for setting up the service and administering the VPS.

Migrating sites to VPS

In case you can not transfer sites to VPS Linux yourself, execute a request to the support service and we will perform the transfer of sites to our VPS hosting for free.

KVM Virtualization

Hardware virtualization. With decision to rent a virtual server you get some of the real dedicated server.