Rent a virtual private server in Europe

Decided to rent a virtual private server in Europe? Choose DCXV!

Many project managers on the Internet use different hosting services. But often it happens when ordinary hosting does not cope with all the tasks assigned to it and then you have to purchase expensive equipment for a physical server. Now, technologies can significantly save on this and you can offer server rental that fully perform physical functions, while having many advantages before it, and one of them is a lower and affordable price.

The Rent a virtual private server

If your site has already grown and it requires a lot more resources than normal hosting, then we are happy to offer you a server. In simple terms, a virtual private server is a part of a physical server dedicated to you, only you will have access to it, which means that all information will be accessible only to you and no one else can make corrections to it. Depending on your goals, you can make various settings.

Why us?

Our company focuses on two important things: quality and stability. This is what allows us to fully satisfy the needs of our customers, because they feel that their business is in safe hands.

We offer our customers a wide live of services. On our site you can find a wide range of different offers that will differ with RAM, OZ, etc. Depending on the server's parameters, you will be able to find the right one for your needs. If you want to check how the virtual server works, then it's enough to choose a low-power server.

DCXV provides stable operation

Stability of the system provides several factors. Firstly, we use modern equipment and you will not need to repair for many years. Also we make constant diagnostics of all equipment we provide for rent a virtual private server, which allows us to identify defects in a timely manner and to eliminate them as quickly as possible. All premises with servers are provided with fire safety systems.

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