Rent a dedicated server with DDoS protection

Rent a dedicated server with DDoS ??protection with DCXV Company

Rent a server with protection. More than 5 years of successful work on the market of server services in Europe. The company DCXV ready to offer its customers to rent a dedicated server with DDoS ??protection, as well as protect the your own server from DDoS attacks.

We believe that under current conditions - DDoS attacks are the most dangerous threat to online business network. Thanks to our experience and the use of modern hardware and software, we can ensure the safety of our clients on the network.

Own data center allows us to identify and reflect quickly to a DDoS attack on the server as well as any kind of spam attack on the websites of our clients. Using a server cluster in the event of an attack, can evenly and quickly distribute the load between all servers and identify DDoS attack at any level, then it safely locate without disconnecting the projects of our clients. Administrators of our data center around the clock monitor the work of all projects and protection systems. We can offer solutions for any kind of problems and to rent a dedicated server with DDoS ??protection.

How does it work

The mechanism of protection against DDoS attacks based on network geo-allocated filters that are connected to high-speed Internet channel. All inbound traffic is analyzed on the anomalies and non-standard network activity, which guarantees protection against 95% of the known types of DDoS attacks, including realized through distributed botnets. This is one of reasons to rent a dedicated server with DDoS ??protection.

Advantages of offer to rent a dedicated server with DDoS ??protection with DCXV

Own data center

Own servers with the most modern equipment and technologies: NGINX, NETMAP, LUA, Cisco, FreeBSD, PBR

High capacity

5 separate channels and providers. Bandwidth and power are constantly increasing due to new access points

Protection against all types of attacks

All servers are hosted with us and the sites that are on our servers due to high power cluster will continue their work meanwhile the security system detect bots and block them.

High speed of pages loading

Appeal to the nearest server provides a minimum speed of server response

We have the lowest prices on service to rent a dedicated server with DDoS ??protection.

Our company conducts calculations with our customers in local currency without reference to the dollar. So we have the price of similar services compare favorably with those of competitors who run their calculations only in dollars.