Remote server rental in Europe

Looking for remote server rental in Europe? DCXV can offer one of the best solution!

Why recently is the rental of virtual servers in Europe is in huge demand ? It would seem that remote server rental in Europe services should be very expensive. But this is not so. The cost of such services is quite affordable, since the distance to the equipment on which you place the information does not matter. DCXV (Xivicom) company offers the most affordable rental, which even small companies can easily afford it.

What remote server rental in Europe services DCXV (Xivicom ) can offer?

Web site hosting

We have proven hosting solutions for projects of any scale. We will select a server for you in Lithuania, which will provide quick access for all visitors, regardless of whether the average project is yours (10..50 thousand visitors per day) or high-loaded (more than 50,000 visitors per day).

Data storage

Do you need to save a lot of important information, and you are afraid of losing it? On remote server rental in Europe we offer the most reliable solutions for organizing file storage! By purchasing our powerful dedicated servers, you will get reliable data security and uninterrupted access to them through 1 Gb / s channels.

Game Servers

Need solutions for online games? GTA: San Andreas, CS: GO 1.6, Minecraft, ARMA - these and other network games require a dedicated server for a full game. We have extensive experience in this matter. For example, on our server you can simultaneously use a maximum of players Minecraft and CS 1.6, apply Mumble, TeamSpeak, etc.

Server for databases

The organization of databases can become a real problem, especially when it comes to optimizing its productivity. But not with remote server rental in Europe from DCXV. For example, we recommend using a dedicated server for 1C if the number of users exceeds 50. If 100 or more people can work at the same time in 1C, we will help group separate dedicated servers into a single cluster.

Reller program

Do you want to start your business selling hosting services? With us it's really simple. Our line of dedicated physical servers will allow you to select the best solutions for your customers. What are you waiting for? Start your business right now.

Find out more about how to use remote server rental in Europe as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.